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America's Road Map as the street-level GPS. On these maps you can find the route (auto route) and the road distance between any cities, towns in America or Europe. You can see the auto routes, distances in km and time road where you can travel the route.

United States of America is a country in North America, between Canada, Mexico, the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It is a federal republic with its capital in Washington, DC.. It is over 4,800 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean (east) to the Pacific Ocean (west) and stretches nearly 2,000 miles from the Canadian border (north) to the Mexican (south). Federation consists of 50 states, of which 48 are States mainland (enclaves), and two states (Alaska and Hawaii) are exclave, being located outside the territory mentioned. In these states plus the Federal District of Columbia, federal land acquired by donation, in equal proportions, Maryland and Virginia by the member.

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